Are you new to France, Germany, Greece, Poland or Spain? Are you an internationally trained professional? Want to improve your workplace communication skills?

FOCAL language training courses teach the language and workplace culture skills required to effectively communicate at your job. Gain the communication skills for a successful career in agriculture, retail or industry sectors.

How about teachers, are you looking for new, labour specific language resources to help your students?

Our training courses teach language used in the specific professions. Students can use this for self-practice dialogue and communication tasks commonly performed on the job in their field, sector, and occupation. Or teachers and VET Trainers can use the authentic materials for occupational specific language training. They also develop strong interviewing, networking and career-building communication skills.

At the Supermarket
Planting Plants

FOCAL helps prepare learners with the language and communication skills needed for finding and retaining work by providing direct instruction and practice in the language and communication skills participants need to move toward finding job. The course includes authentic materials and activities that introduce relevant content and help participants gain an understanding of their industry and examining the different aspects of communication and the impact of culture on workplace communication in their sector.

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